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Text Box: Classic Company Trucks and  Modern Fleet Rides
Text Box: Needless to say, we like trucks. You could actually venture to say we like them a lot...enough so that we’ve devoted a little section of our bandwidth to immortalizing them in photographs. Each truck is a little different from the rest; just as no two drivers are the same, neither are the trucks they drive. In this we have attempted to maintain the look and feel of a small, owner-operator establishment, differentiating from the super-sized fleets whose cookie-cutter trucks are as impersonal as the companies that move them.
Text Box: Innumerable thanks goes out to the drivers who have donated their photographs to make this possible: Cliff Whitley, Nelson Howard, Butch Douglas, James Kennerly and Jim Freeland.  It is my sincere hope that these galleries will continue to grow as well as provide both enjoyment and a reference point to where we have been and where we will go.

-John Keiler Douglas
September 8, 2010
Text Box: Modern Trucks
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