Text Box:  J.W. Douglas originally began hauling freight in 1954, moonlighting alongside farming for Douglas & Bess, a partnership he had begun with another local resident, Ken Bess. As trucking began to overshadow the farming operation, J.W. bought out the other half of Douglas & Bess
Text Box: and turned strictly to over-the-road operation. The company gradually acquired more trucks, as well as more Douglases; J.W.'s four sons- John Jr., Robert, Mike, and Jimmy- as well as his nephew, Larry Austin, each joined the operation when they were old enough, handling everything from dispatching to parts inventory to fleet maintenance. In 1985, Douglas & Bess changed its name to Douglas & Sons, Inc., and applied for a common carrier license to access all 48 continental states.
Text Box: Douglas & Sons, Inc. has since survived two recessions, strikes, and increasing Dept. of Transportation regulation, and remains a solvent ICC general commodity carrier today. J.W. has retired, but Robert and Jimmy continue to run the company he founded, providing the same small-business touch that helped grow Douglas & Sons to the success it has enjoyed.

Above: J.W. poses with Douglas & Bess #37 in  1983


Below: J.W. with Douglas & Sons, Inc. #100 in 1989

Text Box: History

Above: “Driving” Indiana in 1991.


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